Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Volume 3

19 Walking With Jesus Wiesbaden.Germany.02.02.1988.mp3
20 Come Together Wiesbaden.Germany.02.02.1988.mp3
21 Tuning Up Wiesbaden.Germany.02.02.1988.mp3
22 Starship Wiesbaden.Germany.02.02.1988.mp3
23 ecstasy Wiesbaden.Germany.02.02.1988.mp3
24 revolution London.ULU.UK.04.11.1988.mp3
25 suicide Wiesbaden.Germany.02.02.1988.mp3
26 od catastrophy Wiesbaden.Germany.02.02.1988.mp3

for free via sendspace 124 Mb Rar file - Format 320 Kbps mp3


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Loki said...

excellent stuff... wish i could get my hands on it (can only download at work and rapidshare stuff is forbidden) but thought i'd say hi anyhow... with a bit of luck i'll find a way to get around it...

btw... the word verification was CANED

Jorge Stretcher said...

Thank You!

Mr R said...

Hi there
Is any chance you can repost Disc 3 on somethere other than FileSonic as I cannot access files via this is?