Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spacemen 3 The Blitz, Reverberation Club Rugby, U.K. March 6, 1986


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Spacemen 3
The Blitz, Reverberation Club
Rugby, U.K.
March 6, 1986

01. Little Doll 
02. Losing Touch With My Mind
03. These Things
04. 2:35
05. Mary-Anne
06. Hey Man
07. Walking With Jesus
08. Rollercoaster
09. Some Kinda Love

some kinda love .. ...

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Spacemen 3 - Rohre Stuttgarte Germany 1988-01-25

Spacemen 3
Rohre, Stuttgarte
January 25, 1988
Audience, B+
Running Time: 70:27

01. Walking With Jesus
02. Come Together
03. Rollercoaster
04. Mary-Anne
05. Things'll Never Be The Same
06. Take Me To The Other Side
07. Starship
08. Revolution
09. Suicide
10. OD Catastrophe


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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Spacemen 3 - Spot, Kassel, Germany - 1989-05-07 (SBD)

notes with this one ...

"Ripped from: JVC TD-W309 Double Cassette Deck to PC with Creative Labs Audigy 2 Sound Card.
Source Tape: Maxell XLII
Polderbits Sound Recorder to capture audio in WAV and to balance left and right audio channels.
Wavepad to split tracks and removes beginnings and ends of the tape.
No EQ, nothing touched in the sound. I leave that for you if you want to improve sound. Feel free to do the improvements you want to do with the sound of this gig.

01. Rollercoaster
02. Transparent Radiation
03. Things'll Never Be The Same
04. Take Me To The Other Side
05. Starship
06. Revolution
07. Suicide
08. Bo Diddley Jam
09. Mary-Anne
10. Revolution

Got this tape in a trade, back in 1996-1998 from Josh, a cool guy from Alaska (really! lol).
Very good-excellent sound quality from a decent soundboard. Not perfect anyway, there is a sligh drop out in the middle of Suicide and some others at the beginning of Rollercoaster which for sure were in the master, since I made the comparisons with ta couple of lossy version I found online and those also have those little problems. Nothing to worry about but if good to know about them.

An alternate source to this is around DC++ and the Internet. I also had that version, but I realised today it was a LOSSY version, probably sourced from a MD or from mp3 files (who cares anyway?). So, I decided to rip my tape and do the transfer since this tape is completely 100% lossless. I have made the pertinent analysis to arrive to this conclusion, using EAC and Audacity and the veredict found no argument. I also got a version through a DVD sent by Ian from but not compiled by him (he just made me the huge favour of sending me some DVDs which was sent to him by a guy at SPZ forum). This version had a similar frequency analysis compared with the lossy version downloaded from DC++ and it was, obviously, lossy, too. I will let know all the people that have this tape in the share to delete lossy versions and replace it with this one. Specially the people at Spacemen 3 Hub.

There is also a lot of discussion about the real year of this tape. The date in my tape is 1988, but some comparison with the setlits of 1989 Europe tour and similar dates in Germany hints that the concert is from 1989. Anyway I prefer to leave it as 1988 since I am not completely sure it is otherwise.

Please be patient since my upload speed is a shame.
Free to share this bootleg and to convert it to the format you like! Just doesn't distribute it in LOSSY formats.
DON'T SALE THIS BOOTLEG!!! It is just for trading/sharing/enjoying/tripping!!! Don't be stupid and make money with a bootleg. Respect the artists!!!
Support the band buying their official albums!

Ripped and shared by putuco at DC++ in Sound Of Confusion hub ( (10/Apr/2008)"

320 kps mp3 files ...

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Spacemen 3 - Drummonds, Euston Road London 15.11.1988

Spacemen 3 live @ Drummonds, Euston Road (Sonic Boom) - 15.11.88. Advertised as "Sonic Boom & Jason of Spacemen 3". 
"Actually Jason didn't play at all, Will Carruthers played bass and Sonic played guitar and keyboard. Snippets of Honey and bits of his first solo album. Jason stood at the bar all night with his girlfriend."

1. Ode To Street Hassle/Angel

02. Ché

03. I Believe It

04. Honey

05. Mary-Anne
06. Transparent Radiation

"It is very important to know that Jason Pierce DID NOT PLAY in this gig. That was confirmed on at least two sources: the SP3 gig page mentioned above and a note from Ian Goodchild about this concert: 

"The Brentford Waterman's gig was a one-off - in a way - but was 
advertised as a Spacemen 3 gig (presumably because Jason couldn't make 
it? I don't know, but he was NOT at the gig, hence the unusual set: 
Sonic Boom, guitar and Keyboards; Will Carruthers, Bass & guitar; & 
unidentified guitarist/keyboards (probably Mark Refoy?) as far as I 
know, and it was a soundboard recording - quality is VERY good. It was a 
Spacemen 3 gig though...Sonic Boom's Spectrum gigs (of which I have a 
few early examples, and the tracklisting is predictable to say the least 
- Revolution and Suicide, anyone?) were very different to this. 

The tracklisting is right: it is the full version of Ode to Street 
Hassle, which segues into 'Angel' (the end coda from 'Well, Well, I 
guess/He just couldn't stand his life/without sweet heroin' repeated and 

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Spacemen 3 -1989-07-23 Town & Country Club, London

1989-07-23 Town & Country Club, London

Part 1 ...

part 2 ...

Original wave files ...

.wav part one

.wav part two

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spacemen 3 Copenhagen Barbue, DK 1989-04-25

Spacemen 3 
Copenhagen Barbue, DK 

source: sony-wm-d3 + mic 
transfer: cassette->philips dcc 900->optical->hd 
editing: cep (eq + normalizing) ->cdwav->flac .........and finally->mp3 320kbps 

(recorded and transferred by thomas willer - 

01. Rollercoaster 
02. Bo Diddley Jam
03. Mary-Anne 
04. Things'll Never be the Same 
05. -break- 
06. Take Me to the Other Side 
07. Revolution 
08. Transparent Radiation 
09. Suicide 
10. Danish Radio P3 pre show interview with Sonic Boom 

"Bo Diddley takes ecstacy ..."

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spacemen 3 Spielboden Dornbirn Austria 20 05 1989

Cassette > CDR > .Flac > MP3 320 > You

Spacemen 3
Spielboden, Dornbirn, Austria
May 20, 1989
Running Time: 121m

01. Transparent Radiation
02. Rollercoaster
03. Things'll Never Be The Same
04. Take Me To The Other Side
05. Walking With Jesus
06. I Believe It 
07. Starship
08. Revolution
09. Suicide
10. Lord Can You Hear Me?
11. Mary-Anne
12. Revolution #2
13. O.D. Catastrophe
14. Revolution
15. Transparent Radiation
16. Lord Can You Hear Me?

Tracks 14-16: Soundcheck

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spacemen 3 Wiesbaden Germany 21 01 1988

01. Walking With Jesus
02. Come Together
03. Rollercoaster
04. Things'll Will Never Be The Same 
05. Take Me To The Other Side 
06. Tuning Up
07. Starship 
08. Revolution 
09. Mary Anne
10. Suicide
11. OD Catastrophe

Sonic - guitar tremolo organ & vocals
Jason - guitar & vocals
Bassman - bass
Rosco - drums

Cassette > CDR > .Flac > MP3 320 > You

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Friday, February 19, 2016