Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spacemen 3 - Mercia Park Leisure Centre Coventry - 27.11.1985

01. 2.35
02. Mary-Anne
03. Hey Man
04. Things'll Never Be The Same
05. Walking With Jesus
07. Tv Catastrophe

all mp3 320 kps.


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Unknown said...

This is my favourite Spacemen 3 recording! Thank you so much!

slim tim slide said...

i really really want this show, i love this band - but i ant get my head round how to download it eben tohough i have dropbox, although it was downloaded reletively recently my dropbox just says file does not exist - any chance uyou could upload again, or advise??? and it there is more of the rollercoaster box then.... WOW.... better living through chemistry, regards Tim Deviant

Evan said...

working now ...