Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spacemen 3 Leeds Wig Out 23 03 1988

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Unknown said...

it strikes me just how intrusive the game noises are into the recording.

m.Black said...
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m.Black said...

After research, I can find no evidence of a club or music event called "Wig Out" related to the 1980s. However, I did find photo evidence that J. Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes played at the same "Leeds Wig Out" venue as Spacemen 3, supposedly only two nights later. Furthermore, back-searching the J. Jesse Garon show, I found it listed on SongKicks as having actually taken place at Adam & Eve's music venue, which is conveniently located in Leeds. In conclusion, I do not know where "Wig Out" comes from or how it's exactly related to this show, but I believe the true venue of this show to be Adam & Eve's, in Leeds.