Thursday, October 6, 2016

Spacemen 3 - Drummonds, Euston Road London 15.11.1988

Spacemen 3 live @ Drummonds, Euston Road (Sonic Boom) - 15.11.88. Advertised as "Sonic Boom & Jason of Spacemen 3". 
"Actually Jason didn't play at all, Will Carruthers played bass and Sonic played guitar and keyboard. Snippets of Honey and bits of his first solo album. Jason stood at the bar all night with his girlfriend."

1. Ode To Street Hassle/Angel

02. Ché

03. I Believe It

04. Honey

05. Mary-Anne
06. Transparent Radiation

"It is very important to know that Jason Pierce DID NOT PLAY in this gig. That was confirmed on at least two sources: the SP3 gig page mentioned above and a note from Ian Goodchild about this concert: 

"The Brentford Waterman's gig was a one-off - in a way - but was 
advertised as a Spacemen 3 gig (presumably because Jason couldn't make 
it? I don't know, but he was NOT at the gig, hence the unusual set: 
Sonic Boom, guitar and Keyboards; Will Carruthers, Bass & guitar; & 
unidentified guitarist/keyboards (probably Mark Refoy?) as far as I 
know, and it was a soundboard recording - quality is VERY good. It was a 
Spacemen 3 gig though...Sonic Boom's Spectrum gigs (of which I have a 
few early examples, and the tracklisting is predictable to say the least 
- Revolution and Suicide, anyone?) were very different to this. 

The tracklisting is right: it is the full version of Ode to Street 
Hassle, which segues into 'Angel' (the end coda from 'Well, Well, I 
guess/He just couldn't stand his life/without sweet heroin' repeated and 

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Oron the Quad said...

Fuck! I was at this gig and yeah Jason did not make it - which was a bit of a shame I was off my tits and hoping for the full SP3 aural experience. The support act front man was some dude giving it the full Iggy Pop - shirt off, scars all over his pale skinny body etc largely to the indifference of onlookers