Monday, January 13, 2014

Spacemen 3 - Alabama House Muenchen - 26-01-1988.

01 Walkin with Jesus
02 Come together
03 Rollercoaster
04 Mary anne
05 Things'll never be the same
06 Take me to the other side
07 Starship
08 Revolution

from the seethelight7 collection

1st gen audience recording taped with a Sony "Professional Walkman WM-D3"  and unknown  micros
excellent sound

1st gen cass played back on nakamichi cr7e (azimuth aligned)--> edirol04-->HD--> some channel adjustments in audacity and smoothing in nero--> cdwave  tracked--> flac(8)--> mp3 320.

This is a 45 min segment of the whole show originally transferred and uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2009-05.
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