Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cafe Mokka, Thun, Switzerland January 31, 1988

Audience, A
Running Time: 62:59

01. Walking With Jesus
02. Come Together 
03. Rollercoaster
04. Mary-Anne 
05. Things'll Never Be The Same  
06. Take Me To The Other Side
07. Starship
08. Revolution
09. Suicide


Recorded with a Sony Walkman Professional
ANA(M) > FLAC(24bit/44.1kHz mono) > FLAC (16bit/44.1kHz dual mono)
Recorded and shared by swiss tapes. Thank you.

Cafe Mokka, Thun, Switzerland. January 31 1988

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Mons Martyrium said...

Can you upload these other shows recently surfaced on DIME?

-1989-05-27 - MUENCHEN, Schlachthof
-Stuttgart, Röhre. 1987-11-25

Thanks for the blog!

Evan said...

I'll have a look on there and check for quality ... not been on dime for a while ... cheers.


Can this be re-upped? Love to hear this show

spacemen 3 said...

ROCKETMAN its working now :)